About Us

Dorchester County Recreation & Parks has been providing services to the community for almost 50 years. In 1963, the department started as a part-time agency and soon became an established full-time county department. Through the years, it has been our goal to provide quality programs and attractive recreational facilities for the people of Dorchester County. Recreation & Parks remains a very worthwhile venue for children and adults alike to utilize their leisure time. Our programs and activities provide Dorchester County residents the opportunity to enjoy their hobbies and favorite sports activities with others who share similar interests. They teach the importance of teamwork, self-control, and respect among other good character building qualities. Area youth can learn the basic concepts of an activity such as a particular sport, theater, dance, or swimming and continue to improve their ability level as they grow. Many of these activities can become a big part of a person’s life well into their adult years.


  • Frank Stout, Director
  • Debbie Marshall, Admin/Program Coordinator
  • Wendy Jackson, Program Coordinator
  • Chad Smith, Maintenance Supervisor
  • Brian Marshall, Maintenance Technician

Recreation & Parks Board

  • James Phillips, Jr., Chairman
  • Brooks Parker, Jr., Vice Chairman
  • Herschel Johnson
  • Wylie Gray Jr.
  • Antoine Patton
  • Bill Swann
  • William Nichols, County Council
  • Dr. Henry Wagner, School Superintendent
  • Michael Mowbray
  • Brandon Hesson